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Important Information

There have been imporant changes on ABDLcams...


I know, I know.. .this looks really long, but it won't take long...

The site has made some changes. Not only to provide better security but to offer more features as well. I will be listing the update changes here later. If you see the website is down, please check back again soon. Below explains these changes and why.

ABDLcams.com started out as free and with the intent of always being free. This site has grown to be extremely popular, more-so than any other AB site even without the cam option and we have regularly been 'beating' the number of active chatters on the older and most well-known sites.

In growing, as most of you have noticed, there has been an increasing amount of people who have come to the chat just to cause you problems and have a complete disregard for allowing us to provide a safe place for babies, littles, Mommies, Daddies and Caretakers to chat in peace without harassment.


Bypassing Bans

Individuals who have been banned have been using methods to bypass this and come back into the chat to continue their behavior. Since it is nearly impossible to actually keep them from getting a new IP and creating a new profile to re-enter the only real solution is to install a deterrent to keep them from easily hopping back to cause more trouble but worse since they were butt-hurt by being banned in the first place. This just makes it more miserable for everyone in the room to be subjected to their insecure drama.

There will be some leniency towards banning, because everyone makes mistakes, and has "bad days" Banning won't be used as a way to 'generate income'. People will be given fair warnings and every opportunity to become or remain members. Furthermore, this will ensure those who have been a problem in the past won't return. It is practically impossible to stop people from abusing the system so this was decided to be the best way. It is not intended as a burden to members, but rather as a way to prevent future problems. While there may be more flexibility, it's not a "get out of jail free card" for being disruptive.

This should also help keep others from being highly annoying and enure they follow the rules and respect the other members.

That is the first and foremost reason for making this change. The second, and one that has been under great debate for a long time. If not for the increasing amount of troublemakers it would have been delayed longer but ultimately there would have been no choice.

Bandwidth/Server Costs

The bandwidth use has far surpassed our expectations and it requires a second server just to handle to load. More processing power is needed for the chat's audio and video, as wall as member uploaded content. One server is expensive... a 2nd dedicated server and the extra bandwidth allowance just doubled the cost of running one the site. Tens of thousands of dollars has already been invested up to this point as a labor of love to the AB/DL Community. Sadly, we don't own a money tree and the costs have been very difficult to handle as the site continues to grow.


We have battled continuously to keep children out of the chat, we have caught and removed many of them from ages I'd rather not say to still young enough to violate C.O.P.A. They are also a part of the above 'Bypassing Bans' issue. By doing this, we are also protecting our members as best we can and showing that we do not condone minors on this site.

It is with the greatest regret, that we have been forced to make this change because of them but if you allow me to explain I think you will understand how it will be more beneficial overall. Please read the following information.


Other sites charge money to gain profit, that is not and never was or will be our intent. $10 a month is insane!! Why should anyone spent so much to just chat with others unless they wanted to just take advantage of defenseless babies for their own greed?

.83 cents a month sounds a lot better. That's only $10 ( €8 ) a YEAR!

It had to be a cheap enough amount that anyone could afford it, but still a 'pain' for those trying to bypass a ban. For those who disregard the rules and make the chat miserable for you, and create more work for us, we believe this to be a strong enough deterrent. If the are bad enough to get spanked (it's an AB chat, very very bad babies get punished) then it will cost them to come back and risk just being banned again unless they behave. At the same time, it will help us offset the huge expense we have without breaking your budget or ours so we can continue to provide an even better place for you to come in and relax.

Just above the chat room is a link to vote for yourself and up to 10 others to receive FREE Membership (there will be a minimum of 40 and up to 100 winners). There will be many who win as we want to maintain a high level of members and show thanks to those who have helped make this chat what it is today! I can't give it to everyone of course though I truly wish I could. There are a surprisingly low amount of votes so don't think you can't win!!

Expected Outcome

There are always those who expect everything for nothing so there will be some who leave. The largest concern is that new people will not really get the chance to immediately jump in the chat to see how it is, but this site has grown primarily through word of mouth so we hope you will help us to continue to do that. New members will be able to create a profile, view other profiles and view the chat - but not contact anyone or type in the chat.

The options have been weighed time and time again, but to solve these two primary issues we just don't have a choice if we want to continue on. I hope you can understand and we look forward to seeing you in the chat!

ABDLcams Staff


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